Monday-ing - April 27

Monday-ing - April 27

It's good to be back in Fargo, if only briefly. I got back early this morning after spending the past five days in Minneapolis for a couple concerts and photo shoots. And I'll be headed out to Washington for about ten days later this week for some camping and exploring and more adventures! But in the meantime, here's a bit of what this past week held:

Eating so much great food. I had some amazing BBQ and Thai and coffee. But maybe the best was a cheese-filled, curry frosting, spicy-peanut topped donut from Glamdoll Donuts. Unreal!

Listening to some new vinyl that I got at a few of the many record stores in Minneapolis. I have this thing for really scratchy old classic western and country songs on vinyl. They just sound so right.

Working on an anniversary session that I shot with Kelly and Jon. I photographed their wedding last summer and it was great to meet up with them again and explore some alleys and parks.

Peaking into the lives and worlds of more and more artists and loving it. I met up with Nathan O'Malley of Leatherworks MN and Sarah Albinson, who does amazing pen drawings among other things.

Dropping my jaw, still, at how great it was to see Sufjan Stevens and Lord Huron live. Both put on amazing shows and recently came out with new music. If you haven't yet, go check it out, they're insanely good.

Remembering how much I hate having to drive in circles for minutes and minutes trying to find a parking spot. Fargo has spoiled me.

Packing for the next adventure out to Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver later this week. As much as I love the wide open beauty of the Midwest, it'll be really good to see some mountains and meet up with some old friends.

Looking for a good book to read on the trip. Hit me with some recommendations!

Shopping a couple good garage sales. I scored a little kitchen scale and a filing cabinet and a bunch of little trinkets that will be fun for photos. Win!

Happy Trails!