Monday-ing - April 13

Monday-ing - April 13

This past week was phenomenal and cray in so many ways. Also, is it just me or does it feel like this week somehow magically had about 13 days in it? Hmmm...anyways, here's what I did:

Experiencing the revival of summertime. Almost. We need about another ten degrees but until then I'll pretend like it's fully here. Barbeque grills, hammocks and outdoor projector movies all made a strong appearance this week.

Hosting a Dinnerties meal this past Thursday. The concept it simple, play host to someone traveling through or new in town in exchange for excellent company and conversation. Our guest was wicked smart and we had a ton to talk about over our somewhat hodgepodge meal of Turkish meatballs, roasted sweet potatoes and eggplant, and hummus.

Being blown away by the humility and insight of the artists I'm working with. I met up with the insanely talented Kelly Thompson this weekend to document his space and painting process. His story will be a part of my Artist Studies very soon.

Playing around with a new lens that I recently purchased, an 85mm f/1.4. It's been on my wishlist for quite some time and I'm excited to have one more tool in the bag for weddings. It's a bit of a different beast from what I normally use but it's been opening my eyes up to some super cool ideas.

Looking forward to more small house concerts with different artists in Fargo's talented music community. Diane Miller and Tom Johnson performed to a crowd of about twenty this week and it was incredible and a blast to photograph. Many more of these coming in the near future I hope.