Monday-ing - March 23

Monday-ing - March 23

How is it already almost April?! What the heck happened? Regardless, it's hard to be sad when the coming weeks bring a little travel, some warmer weather, and a handful of photo shoots that I'm really looking forward to. Looking back though, this was my week.

Reading a book called A House in Fez about a couple from Australia that bought a house in Morocco and their process of renovating it and adapting to the culture. Not helping my itch to travel.

Eating a bunch of gummy worms. I made dirt cups for my bible study this past week and bought too many gummy worms so now I'm stuck with them. Terrible problem, right?

Feeling cheated with this actual spring weather after having several days last week that were fit for shorts and t-shirts. Mother nature is such a tease.

Getting pumped up for Fargo's Startup Weekend this weekend. I went last year for the first time and was blown away. Such an awesome and inspiring group of people working hard to make stuff happen. This year's should be no different.

Watching a show called The Long Way Round. Super fun. It's a little documentary about Ewan McGregor and a buddy of his as they try to bike from London to New York City the long way round, through Europe and Asia and Canada and so on. Really interesting stuff.

Crossing my fingers that my buddy Lucas and I get a permit to hike The Wonderland Trail in Washington this summer. If we get picked I'll meet up with him in August for the 8 day, 93 mile hike around Mt. Rainier!

Continuing to shoot more amazing people for my Artist Studies series. This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting up with tattoo artist Noah Kilsdonk and ceramicist Brad Bachmeier. A couple teasers below!