New Logo!


I cannot even explain how pumped I am to finally have a logo that I love. It's literally been in the works for months in some fashion. but it's finally done!

My good friend, the talented Cathryn Erbele, designed it over the past couple weeks and I couldn't be happier. My goal was to make something that was reflective of my work. I wanted to incorporate elements of nature as much of what I shoot is outdoors. The tree and grain of wheat also represent these prairie states that I love and have treated me so well. And the arrow. Apart from simply looking cool, archery has peripherally been part of my life. My dad has been a hunter all his life and some of my earliest memories are of accompanying him to the archery range. He really is an artist in his own right and has knows well how to create things with wood, including many beautiful recurve bows.

Cathryn sketched the logo and hand painted the lettering for my name. You can see a bit of the process below!