Photography is like a dance...

To me, photography is like a dance.

I know, I know.

Bear with me, I’ll explain.

Dancing, for me at least, typically starts fairly awkward. Slowly, as you warm up and get into things, you start feeling better and the moves start coming out. Every once in awhile, you get a stroke of inspiration. And the only true way to know if it’s the new electric slide or is gonna make you look like Monica from Friends is to try it out.

Sometimes it’s pure gold. These you mentally store, adding to your repertoire.

But sometimes it’s a flop, a dud. These you simply laugh and dance your way out of it, transitioning seamlessly from that botched moonwalk you just tried into a more appropriate Charlie Brown, all the while acting like it was your plan from the start.

But regardless, the more you experiment, the more you work with others, the more out of the box you start thinking, the more the magic starts to shine through.

Photography for me is a lot like this.

I meet a new couple/senior/family/tree, I start looking around and taking in the situation and environment.

As I start shooting, those first handful of photos are rarely the ones that I end up loving the most. But I start to get a better feel for everything. I begin physically moving around the environment, looking for different angles, the not-so-obvious ways to see what is in front of me.

Creativity breeds creativity.

As I start suggesting new things to do, I often find that those on the other side of the lens, the tree being the exception, begin voicing some of their own ideas. It becomes a collaboration. Sometimes I look back of these photos and wonder what the heck I was thinking.

But often, these can become the coolest shots from the whole day. These are the ones that are truly representative of who the subject is as they had a hand in making a small part of it. They’re the ones that you can’t simply apply to every person that you meet. They’re the ones that their friends look at and remark that it totally captures who they are.

The cookie cutter image is rarely the shot that makes a new bride pause and smile from ear to ear.