Jude's Second Birthday!

It's always a blast to get together with my brother and his family for photos and birthdays are usually a great excuse to do so. Watching this little dude’s curiosity manifest itself as he tries to climb everything, or sheer joy spread across his face when his brother calls to him “come on Jude, let’s run!” and they take off along the path together could not be a better reminder to embrace curiosity and the adventure in every day life. Happy 2nd birthday, Jude! We love ya. 

Morgan + Neil

These two braved wind and below freezing temperatures in one of the wildest places we love, Teddy Roosevelt National Park, for their engagement photos. Easy to shoot and equally easy to talk to, Morgan and Neil felt more like friends than clients by the end of the afternoon.


Kate + Ryan

You can tell when a wedding comes from the heart of two people, when it's not a "package" they've selected. When instead of one person telling the other person how it's going to go, they both build it together. Kate and Ryan literally helped build their venue on her parent's land. They grew the gourds that decorated the tables on her parents' farm. Each part of the day from their hand written vows to the hooch a family friend brought over and served to every guest (of age!) was hand crafted. And even so, all of these incredibly wonderful details were but drops in a bucket when compared to the deep, rich love that overflowed from them both.


Summer + Mike - Sneak Peek

Summer and Mike are tough. Beautiful people, but equally tough people. It may have been 20 below on their wedding day, but that didn't stop them or their entire families from braving the cold for outside portraits. And there's nothing like sub zero temps to bring people together, literally, for warmth.

Monday Misc.

Happy Holiday Monday! It's been awhile since we've done one of these so let's get to it!


  • After quite a bit of driving and a couple flights and four weddings in 15 days, I'm excited to just be home for awhile to relax and get caught up on work.
  • Yes it's hella cold outside right now but I'll never understand other photographers who refuse to shoot winter weddings. Great couples down to brave the cold for a bit results in some super killer shots!
  • We've been brainstorming away on Kindling ideas and can't wait to debut some of them later this spring. We've got some fun new candles and a couple different products we're playing with.
  • I realized that it's been many years since I last read the Harry Potter books so I jumped back in. Surprised by how many of the little details I've forgotten so it's been really fun to relive those.
  • We picked up this tabletop game called Klask recently and it's been a blast. Go google some photos to get a better idea but it's basically a unique take on air hockey with magnets and it's been a huge hit with everyone we've shown it to.
  • Planning for our own wedding this fall is starting to ramp up. While we've got a decent amount of little logistics to iron out still, I really can't wait to get everyone together and eat and drink and travel and see what adventures we can get ourselves into.


  • I'll be honest. I have no idea what I did last week. There were friends, board games, coffee dates, and crew meetings. There was a six hour drive to pick up Glen, with thrift shopping and beer drinking in Bismarck. There was hockey watching, and football watching, and Miss Maisel watching (which is a hilarious show by the creator of Gilmore Girls so how could it not by hilarious). There were shortcakes baked, and pizzas made, and a 'kitchen sink' soup that turned out better than expected.
  • It ended with a wedding at the Plains with a couple willing to brave negative temps for kisses and a wedding party down to shed coats for a snowy photo. It was a great day. One of the fathers gave a speech about gaining a daughter and, trust me on this one, it was a powerful gesture in a world where it seems like divisiveness is more prevalent than community.  It was a good reminder that people in small ways and large ways are loving each other around the world and that makes all the difference.
  • Oh! We have fun news! We'll be selling candles at Unglued's Annual Craft Fest in February! It's the weekend of February 24th so if you're in Fargo, stop by, say hi, and check out new scents and stuff!
  • Last night we took a break from working and threw on snow pants. chased Glencoe around the yard, tackled him, and shoveled snow on him til he looked like a frosty pup! The three of us had a blast. If it has to be cold, let it be snowy!

Happy Trails!

Tuesday Misc.

Happy Tuesday folks! Here's what we've been keeping busy with over here:


  • Jodi and I can finally announce Kindling!
  • It's been a project in the works for a couple years but I'm pumped to finally kick it off. We'll be selling some of our candles at a Christmas Market this weekend so the past week has been a flurry of editing and shooting and matches and wax and pizza. (All good things)
  • My current go to for editing music is the soundtrack from an older game called L.A. Noire. Slow and moody and atmospheric. Click here to listen with your ears!
  • Our thanksgiving proved to be pretty low key as we both have lots of work to get done. But we did manage to make quiche and meatloaf. Typical thanksgiving meal, right?


  • The best feeling in the world is feeling healthy after being sick for a week. 
  • We had a truly fun wedding on Saturday confirming once again that we get the best couples. Also if a groom cries, I am 100% guaranteed to cry, too. 
  • Thanksgiving brunch is a new thing I like very much. So is Thanksgiving quiche, even though we very much missed hanging with fam this year. 
  • We’re going to be selling wares at Christkindlmarkt at the Stone Building next weekend. Stop by and say hi in between your mulled wine drinking and waffle eating! 
  • I’ll be honest. These early sunsets are kinda killing me. Any ideas for how to up the hygge here?

Happy Trails Friends!